Hypnotic Gastric Band

The hypnotic gastric band treatment offered by Dalkey Hypnotherapy Clinic is an advanced weight loss program designed for clients wishing to lose large amounts of weight in a relatively short time. If you have a body mass index of over 35 and are classed as clinically or morbidly obese this method is a proven alternative to physical surgery. Our system is not to be confused with other Hypnotic Gastric Band procedures on the market which are carried out in only one session.

Gastric band surgery is a procedure intended to reduce the size of the stomach by fitting a band. This is a high risk procedure with potential of infection, excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions and severe discomfort. The non-invasive and risk free option of a virtual hypnotic gastric band therefore provides a very attractive alternative.

After the initial extensive consultation Mark designs a client specific bespoke program. The client returns for further sessions tailored to meet their weight loss requirements. At an appropriate point in the course of treatment the client undergoes a virtual surgical procedure where the hypnotic ‘band’ is applied. As a result the client will feel comfortable consuming smaller portions of food. During the process Mark will address the emotional triggers that cause bad lifestyle choices and eating habits.