Karl - Dublin

Addictions - General Wellbeing
"First & foremost a huge thank you to Mark . I must admit I was very sceptical when I first met him and after just one session I couldn't believe that it was so easy to stop smoking weed after 20 years and numerous attempts in the past. I have now been 4 weeks without smoking weed and I haven't had any cravings , even friends and family are amazed. I have now stopped smoking roll ups too which I've been smoking for 34 years and thought I'd never be able to give up . Mark is a genuine guy and a complete gentleman that makes you feel really comfortable in a time when I wasn't so sure of myself. I highly recommend anyone who's thinking of it to go & get in touch. You won't regret it. Mark, thanks again for everything. Karl in Dublin"

Lisa - Stepaside, Dublin

Anxiety, Stress & Self Worth
"Well I have to say I'm a bit blown away by how I've been since our session, its just remarkable the difference I feel. I can't even put my finger on it but I'm a different woman. I won't say my stress has disappeared but it's certainly gone from 80 to a 10, the kids have noticed it. I feel very focused without any effort and without the other stuff that goes on in my head when I try to get focused. I love that relaxation thing you sent me by email and I'm listening to it every night. I have really struggled in the past to commit to even something that simple. I'm smiling more, and as you said I notice more and more as the days go by it's really getting better. I felt so happy all that day from the time I left your office. I want to thank you for your help."

Sarah - Leopardstown, Dublin.

Smoking Cessation
"I’m over the moon to say that I have not smoked since! I have tried and failed before, but the obsession to smoke only left me after your session. I do not think about smoking anymore and I really believe I have succeeded in quitting once and for all. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and changing my life forever! I think if I can stop with your help then anyone can!"

Michael - Ballsbridge, Dublin

Phobia for over 40 years
"I feel very happy, bringing the younger me together with the older me is really powerful and healing. I would actually say I feel a dramatic change. I would seriously love more sessions in the future. I also intend to recommend you to other people who I know would get a lot from this. Well done, you are excellent!"

Elisabeth - Brussels, Belgium

Smoking Cessation
"It was by chance that I met Mark and learned about his passion to help people through hypnosis. I had been a smoker for many (many) years and on and off tried to give it up. When I told Mark this, he did not put any pressure on me, but simply explained how his treatment may be beneficial for me. That helped me to open my mind to hypnosis and to understand how it works. I'll be honest, I was a bit afraid at first, but Mark was very professional, clear, and built in enough opportunities for me to stop if I felt I needed to. He went about the session in a very kind and patient manner and really put me at ease. It has now been several months since the hypnosis and I have not smoked since. I am very grateful and highly recommend seeking Mark's help!" Warmest regards, Lis

Caroline - Dublin

Anxiety and Lack of Personal Trust
" I can't believe that something that happened 54 years ago has affected me for so long. I feel relieved. The experience was transformational."