Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is proven as one of the most effective methods to stop smoking. Hypnosis has direct access to the subconscious mind and can change the behaviour associated with the habit. Once the emotions and attachments to smoking are re-framed and altered the cravings disappear.

Logically most smokers realise that their habit is unhealthy, expensive and antisocial. However when the ‘logical’ mind comes into conflict with the ’emotional’ mind, the ’emotional’ mind invariably wins. Willpower alone is a very poor adversary for the ’emotional’ mind, which is why many attempts at stopping smoking by willpower alone are doomed to failure.

By using hypnotherapy to bypass these conflicting thoughts, the chances of success increase exponentially, giving remarkable results.

If you sincerely want to stop smoking but think you can’t, then hypnotherapy offers an excellent solution.